Muerto en Mictlan
When lighting your candles at the sacred altar, you are taken into the colourful afterlife. Fear not. Your spirit guides Catrin and Catrina will show you the way through Mictlan.

About Muerto en Mictlan

A 5-reel slot game, Muerto en Mictlán is vivid in its style with a burst of colour on every spin. Catrin and Catrina appear on the reels to guide you through the game’s levels which are reminiscent of The Sword and the Grail in that respect. Each level has a unique Wild feature that reflects a different spirit. These spirits possess the power to take you onto the next part of your journey through Mictlán. Which in turn, evolves the story for the player as they get to take control of which direction they take the story with the choice of Wild features.

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